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BFG AT vs GG AT - Recent thoughts?

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  • BFG AT vs GG AT - Recent thoughts?

    My last Surf had BFG ATs on and they were impressive (good tyres but it's going to be an extra 100 to fit them over GG AT). I'm looking at having to get another set (4) and having searched was interested in whether anyone thinks the GG ATs (Not AT2s) are up there? I've searched and seen a few comments from a while back but any recent experience would be appreciated,

    Will be on a Gen 3, only occasional muddy tracks and fields to collect logs, tow trailers etc and then country lanes, but I'd rather not get stuck as I will be out solo!

    I'm leaning towards giving the GG ATs a shot, slightly cheaper - supposedly better on road/wet road but some opinions would be appreciated.


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    I went through this recently.

    have a look at the Michelin latitude cross 65/35 road/offroad. You get most of the offroad of a true 50/50 but with a C rating on fuel. People who use them in northern europe (wet muddy fields etc) cant fault them and they drive like a road tyre on tarmac. The general concensus is that michelin have seriously undersold the offroad ability knowing that most SUV's dont go off road ever nowadays.

    60,000miles is a normal to expect apparently. F1aurocenters or Malvern tyres fitted price is 125 a corner.

    I'll be buying 4 in the next couple of weeks and then trying to get stuck on the estate my mate works on.


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      Interesting option - thanks for the info.


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        Hope it helps