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Cooper at3. Mixed reviews on quality control?

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  • Cooper at3. Mixed reviews on quality control?


    So the new family member needs some new rubber on the rear. Its a mix of a cracked dueler and a yokohama geolander. neither of which seem very stimulating.

    I am looking at tyres and see a few obvious choices but the most obvious one, the copper at3, seems to suffer from a hell of a lot of negative reviews re quality control.

    Things like uneven sidewalls, unbalancable, constant air leaks, poor wear, prone to bulge and general cruddy customer service when a compalint is made.

    What say you on the matter?

    As it is I am looking more at the maxxis 771 bravo now as it just seems to have great reviews across the board.

    I have looked at the GGAT2 and the BFGATKO but while I like the aggressive looks I am really unsure about A. such old tread technology when compared to the modern offerings and B the road noise/fuel economy/wet grip of such knobblers.

    Is there a half decent smooth rolling AT tyre that offers better than E or F grade fuel efficiency? Truth is its going to be pulling a horsebox out of fields and spending most of its time on tarmac rather than climbing mountains so something road orientated with pretentions of terrain might be the choice.

    the cooper seems to be this but the pretty shocking reviews give me pause.

    Thanks for any input on this expensive choice before I make an uninformed one and waste good hardearned.

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    Couldn't comment on the at3 but Im running cooper discoverer ST on mine and have no complaints. Had them 2 years and still got a ton of tread left. Very good off road as well.
    I would also recommend BF Goodrich at having had them on my old surf. My dad has the general grabber at on his surf which have got him out of a few fields when working the dogs!


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      Cheers thats great to know. I love the look of the BFG on the truck. I saw someones on here when I was researching and it looked 'right'. So the road noise is ok with them and the grabbers?


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        Can I ask what size ST maxx you are running? I cant seem to find 265 70 16 just 265 75 16.

        Is that an ok size to run on the surf with no mods to the suspension?



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          Sorry but I'm the wrong person to ask that question to! 315 x 75
          [/CENTER]et.com/user/rm01tha/media/20130905_164158_zpsaec2b662.jp g.html]


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            general grabber at2`s on mine and they have been perfect

            I was told they are now hard to get they are now a/t`s instead of a/t2


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              HAHAHA wow thats a bit bigger than I was thinking!!

              Cheers. There are AT2 on ebay at the moment. I like the aggressiv look of them.


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                Looking like the Michelin Latitude cross in 265 70 16 is the winner. It has the 65/35 road/offroad bias I'm looking for.

                I'll be keeping a look out for a set of 16's with real tyres on for the weekends.


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                  Let us know how you get on with them.


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                    Cheers, will do.

                    found a pair fitted for 252 at F1autocenter. Thats a good few quid cheaper than camskills etc with no fitting included.


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                      Originally posted by Lewd Lux Lover View Post
                      Cheers, will do.

                      found a pair fitted for 252 at F1autocenter. Thats a good few quid cheaper than camskills etc with no fitting included.
                      Wise move at that price......
                      Cheaper is false economy imho I never scrimp on Brakes, Steering or Tyres.
                      Four Years of use n still only half worn are my AT2's on my daily driver n it does exactly what it says on the Tin !!

                      13+ Years of Surfs ..... n Faultless to a "T" is my Yota !!
                      Buncefield Burner