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Gen 2 Radiator upgrade

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  • Gen 2 Radiator upgrade

    Hi All, so my radiator has started leaking along top seam now have looked at what's available and plastic and aluminium not keen on all aluminium seem to have some fitting issues and new ones are as rare as hens teeth and from what ive read 500 + so has anybody got a contact or used a radiator repair company ( not many left ) that can re-core my old one or that sell upgraded standard units ?

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    I got mine of aluminium 3 core for over 10 years, I just seen yesterday that it starting to go (little leak) it lasted so long because mounted it on rubber bushes so don't get as much vibration.
    did you try roughtrax or milners, eBay?
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      Got my aluminium 3 core off ebay 6 years ago no problems