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Default Hydraulic assist steering for high steer solid axle

Hi All with the front diff aussie locked, steering is hard when off roading due to ‘winding up’ of the front shaft and puts pressure on the steering box. I only go into 4wd when doing the off roading bit rest of the time I am in 2wd to stop winding up and protect the drive train. But to help protect the steering I have added hydraulic ram assist. Not a new thing but massively helps with steering to make it easier and take some stress out the PS box.

1st off you have to tap the steering box as the ram runs in parallel with the R&P steering. How to tap the box is in the youtube link but is for left and drive so have to mirror it









the instructions to fit the RAM are here http://www.trail-gear.com/PDF/130617-1-INS.pdf



The ram is in wheels forward position. It is a 6" ram so it is at 3" there. There is an issue when ram fully extended as bolt can hit frame just need to sort out the bump stop so the bolt doesn't bind on chassis.


The other thing is the reservoir. As it is a Toyota hilux mod on a lexus engine the lexus reservoir is directly connected to the pump. So after speaking to lowrange offroad I got another one. With no room in the engine bay it can only go in the position you can see in the pic


So when I filled up the new reservoir school boy error the lexus one leaked due to gravity and the fluid level in the new reservoir was higher than the lexus one rhe lexus reservour leaked and got air in the system. I removed the new reservoir and currently running it on the lexus one. It is fine and works but I really need more fluid. So I will aluminium weld a top to the lexus and refit the new reservoir and that should be fine with plenty of fluid.
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