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Gen 3 surf aftermarket steering wheel which boss?

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  • Gen 3 surf aftermarket steering wheel which boss?

    Hi guys, I have trawled through the forum looking for the answer but can only seem to find gen 2 related stuff on this subject.
    Im wanting to fit an aftermarket steering wheel like momo nardi etc... but which boss do i need, I know there isnt one directly for the Gen3 surf but what other toyota models share the same spline on the column, I read that for gen2 surfs people are using the MR2 boss kits but what about the Gen3? Anyone does this to theres and if so what boss did they use
    Cheers Matt.

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    i have seen people done, with mr2 for 3rd gens, and they sorted out as well compability with airbag
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      Celica boss will fit gen 6 same as the mr2