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surf 3rd gen , What is the km to mph conversion box called ?

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  • surf 3rd gen , What is the km to mph conversion box called ?

    the speedo has never worked in my surf in the last 2 years , replaced the geared sender , and tried another working speedo head , was going to give up as wasnt that worried , but about a week ago had demister on full blast and speedo sprang to life , did the same since always the same , do about 10miles on full heat and speedo works for rest of journey , Obviously a dry joint in the converter box ,i should think and heat closes the circuit , anyone know what they are called ? can start looking for another , will put truck up on a stand and heat the box with a hairdryer to test when i get the chance just wondered what to look for .thanks

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    i had non working tacho and took it out and reflowed the solder joints and now works fine, i think this should work for yours, there is no km to mile converter im aware of they normally just stick a label over the front to convert and the odometer still reads in km