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Torque Settings For R151F Manual Gearbox

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  • Torque Settings For R151F Manual Gearbox


    I am in the process of carrying out a Dual Mass to 4Runner Solid flywheel conversion. I am replacing the rear crank oil seal and the gearbox front input shaft oil seal at the same time while they are accessible.

    I have a copy of the engine manual for the 1ZN-TE engine so have data regarding the crank oil seal retainer bolt torque settings. However, I do not have a manual for the gearbox, so:-

    Does anybody know the correct torque setting for the input shaft oil seal retaining cover and the bell housing bolts (i.e. the bolts holding the bellhousing to the gearbox)?

    If any one is considering the flywheel conversion but is concerned about any difference in weight I can confirm that my old dual mass flywheel was 3.5Kg heavier than the new 4Runner solid type. However, the new sprung clutch plate would be heavier due to the additional springs and retaining plates, so the total weight would probably be very similar between the two flywheel types. I had to exchange the old 3 part clutch assembly so did not have the opportunity to compare their respective weights.

    Another concern I have seen on various forums is that the solid flywheel may be thinner and therefore affect the clutch release bearing throwout. Having measured both, between the face that bolts against the rear of the crank shaft and the face that the clutch driven plate bears against, the distance was the same at 56mm.

    Hope this information is of use to some one and please can any one help with the gearbox torque settings I need (see above).