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AMC be careful

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  • AMC be careful

    Heads up !
    just received my next day delivery all singing all dancing head package from amc via roughtrax
    Un boxed it and had a look, turned it over heard small tinkle
    two hours later I have a handful of swarf !
    watch out, don’t go thinking it’s ready to bolt down
    defo blow out with compressor, biggest bit is 15mm x 9mm
    some bits may have been bigger but had to be broken with long tool to remove from coolant pathways ! Which they completely blocked of !‍♂️

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    That's not the kind of thing we'd expect from either AMC or Roughtrax, have you messaged Roughtrax to let them know? I've only had 3 cylinder heads from Roughtrax and I have to say they were all perfect, but maybe AMC's standards have slipped a bit...
    Do you know that, with a 50 character limit, it's