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Over drive light flashing ???!!!

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  • Over drive light flashing ???!!!

    Hi I have had my surf for 4 months now and until a fatal mistake on my part which caused my auto box to have no reverse (but i wont go in to that ) and being 1500 lighter i have my over drive light flashing when over drive is on!!

    also the car has been juddering, the garage who ripped me off dont want to know and say its most likey a computer fault, I belive this to be bull as there was no probs until they removed the gearbox,

    Any help would be most welcome

    Kreg 2.4 and i love it
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    Oh dear did you undo the actuator cover on the gearbox - been there, same light bank account.

    The flashing O/D light is telling you that there is still a problem with the Autobox, I think Fieldsy had the same problem a while back.

    Looks like they didn't help you much, one thing to check is that all of the electrical connectors are back on the gearbox properly, if they are not then the speed sensor for the box, etc wont work right.

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      If the garage has fitted a new gearbox, take it back. The O/D light means a problem with the gearbox, or things not fitted properly.

      Didn't dump it in reverse while going forwards??? - Keeping you on and off the road...


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        yep, orange flashing o/d light is internal gearbox prob. There is a box in the engine bay which when shorted out can give the error code (number of blinks of the light).

        I had mine checked and tested by an auto box specialist and there were no internal major problems. The box was changing properly and holding pressure fine through all the gears. The problem with the light was a lazy solenoid in the box. The solenoids are meant to fire in within a certain time and if they are lazy as mine was, it sends the error, but i'm not saying this is your problem, as the flashing o/d covers many faults/errors.There are, I believe 4 different speed solenoids in the box.

        The solution to fix mine was rather missus smashed it into a tree ,wrote it off (not on purpose, I might add) and we bought another one..................with no flashing light

        Have you also checked your tranny fluid level???

        hope you get it sorted, I'll try and find some more info for ya
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          here's a few to be looking through, but I personally would get a diagnostic on it to check the error codes.

          and some more


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            Thank's for all your help

            Thank you all or your replies
            i wont be hitting a tree just yet but it is an option
            I have found a loose connector towards the back of the box on the drivers side, this seems to have stopped the gear box snagging but that just may be a coincidence, the connector had been siliconed in ??
            I have done 150 miles since and so far ok just for this blinkin light


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              flashing o/d light

              I was "experimenting" with the high and low ratios of auto box today, (on loose gravel of course) and my O/D light started flashing.
              It turned out to be that the H4/N/L gear lever was'nt engaged properly. phew!
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