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  • Business Insurance - PITA

    Trying to re-insure the surf.
    Mrs has got the NCB's...on TWO cars, with me as named driver on them, as 9 years ago, it was cheaper for her to start a policy than me.

    So we have 8 and 9 years NCB's but under her name.

    Started my own business, Self Employed Builder, and need to insure the surf for such.

    Is anyone else in a similar situation and what have they done?

    Specific Business insurance, or just add "business" part to SDP&C?

    Major problems with online quotes as the 3.0 doesn't exist...

    Nor Diesel

    Nor Auto.

    And then come the mods....

    Seems like everything is against us to get a reasonable quote, so if anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful.

    "B.A." Baracus: "Talk to me, talk sense so I can talk back. Not all this jibberjabber like breaking the peace and all that."

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    Hi mate, i have business insurance on my policy "kitchen fitter" & not had a problem. Im with groupama & paying 400 fully comp, 36 year old with full NCD, give them a call.
    If its not broke don't fix it.


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      Try A-Plan at Thatchem 0845 0711234, I was with groupama through them @350.00 fully comp inc business use, they phoned me up two months after renewel and changed the policy to Ageas ins ltd with a premium of 316.74 and moved the renewal date from September to November gaining 2 free months which I thought was pretty good customer relations.


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