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Getting hold of hoses for 94 4Runner

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  • Getting hold of hoses for 94 4Runner

    I've been losing coolant recently and today I had a good look at all the hoses. I noticed that there was coolant on two of the smaller diameter hoses on the left side of the engine, where they connect to the fuel injection pump. Is is possible to still get replacements for them? If so, where can I get them?

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    Try Megazip or Rock Auto
    Do you know that, with a 50 character limit, it's


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      Thanks for the info. One hose I have managed to source from my Toyota main dealer. Rock Auto only seem to have stuff for the 2.4L 4Runner, but Mega Zip looks like they have it


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        These are the offending hoses. One comes from the head and the other goes to the block. It looks like the hoses go to the injection pump and actuate a mechanism acting on the pump. I suppose it's to adjust the settings according to engine temperature.

        Hose 16264 was still stocked by Toyota main dealer (still waiting for it to arrive though!) 16261 has been discontinued. MegaZip seem to have it, but it has to be ordered from Japan. For the moment, I have used a length of standard 3/8 ID cooling hose and bent it to fit for hose 16261. It seems ok, and the flow doesn't seem constricted despite the bend. For the longer hose, 16264, I've just cut about an inch off the end of the existing hose, cleaned up the corrosion on the end of the alloy pipe and reconnected it. The other end is buried under a load of stuff near the block and I don't think I will be able to reach it until I come to take the oil filter off at the next service. By which time hopefully the replacement hose will have arrived.

        Click image for larger version

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