Just some advice if you're buying a 3rd gen Surf, and something that not many people are aware of:

Not all 3rd gen Surfs have the "Multi-mode" 4wd option. This facility allows you to unlock the centre diff so that you can drive your Surf in 4wd on dry tarmac. Permanent 4wd, in other words. If yours doesn't have it, you should only use your 4wd when you can guarantee that the tyres can slip on the surface they're on, ie. snow. An explanation why is here:


And here: http://www.4x4abc.com/4WD101/def_turnpart.html

some 3rd gen only had "Normal mode", not "Multi-mode". The 4wd symbol on the dash is at the bottom right (not top centre, as the multi-mode versions are). The Normal Mode symbol doesn't have the circle in the middle of it which represents the centre diff, as the multi-mode ones do.