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Rob's 1UZ swop Hilux Surf 2nd Gen

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    Originally posted by Admin View Post
    12) Fuel system

    d) The fuel pump which I found in the donor. Sorry, I don't have a model number for this as it's rubbed off and whilst I can see the pickup etc looks different from the diesel one, I don't know exactly what's been done so you're best off looking at the pictures and comparing it to what's available on the market! I do hear there's plenty of choice so I'm sure a Google around or a look on other forums will give you the answers here
    The fuel pumps on these conversions tend to be from Skyline GTRs.

    Do you know that, with a 50 character limit, it's


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      Looks great Rob! I'll definitely be following this build with interest.

      A couple of loom questions though - What was the approx cost of the loom and does it essentially replace the entire original engine/gearbox loom, or do you still need elements of the original? I'm rubbish with wiring, so the more plug and play I can get, the better!