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G254 Front Diff, Spares or Repairs, Add System and Half Shaft NG, comes with Spare

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  • G254 Front Diff, Spares or Repairs, Add System and Half Shaft NG, comes with Spare

    G254 Front Diff came off a Gen 2 1992 Hilux Surf, Ratio is 4.556 50

    The centre spindle from the half shaft is no good, it's lost it's teeth, this Is at the centre of the ADD system, stripped the thread as I had done the Add mod thinking it would be a good precaution for out on the lanes however it turned out to be my downfall rather than my saviour, took a while to source the spare parts to fix so bought another diff hence this one now for sale, I haven't done the fix myself however the diff comes with the spare components with all the ADD system working, should be just a case of 4 bolts to undo the half shaft off the ADD housing on both the Diff and the spare half shaft then swap the ADD system and half shaft over, I could do but limited on time and would charge more if all done & will save you a few pounds if you do your self, obviously the diff cover and add covers will all need re sealing before putting fresh oil in.

    See link below for pics


    Paypal accepted, I can arrange for a currier if wanted

    Cash on Collection Preferred

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    Diff still available if anyone needs it,
    considering the scrap yard but seems such a waste