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Range Rover Classic / Discovery 1 bits

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  • Range Rover Classic / Discovery 1 bits

    Before realising the error of my ways and settling on a Surf, I dabbled a bit with those inferior 4x4s

    I'm clearing out the garage and getting rid of a few bits - all brand new and unused.

    Here're some pics if you're interested.

    The winch bumper is still wrapped up in cellophane, but it's the one shown in this advert. I haven't got the swivel recovery eyes.

    The steering guard/bash plate to go with it is this

    The tyres are 235/85R16 Colway muds on Wolf rims

    Also got some brand new jackable sills

    In terms of prices, here's what I'm looking for:
    Bumper - 250
    Steering guard - 100 (or 325 for bumper and guard)
    Tyres/rims - 325
    Jackable sills - 130


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