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  • 3rd Gen Dealer/Importer

    Hi all...first post on the forum as Im without a Surf/4Runner at the moment!So as the title says...Im looking to find a good dealer or importer for a 3rd gen Surf. Any suggestions?

    On a semi related topic...I do have a 1990 2 door Surf at the moment but its in the US and has the dreaded 3.0 no compression

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    Not so sure anyone imports any more and it seems to have been that way for a while, in fact if you look at "how many left" the number of surfs in the UK is falling every year. im guessing that with auction prices, exchange rates, shipping, taxes etc etc, its not as worthwhile as it once was.
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      Importing now become really expensive, because all the logistics are now more expensive


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        That's right, all logistics companies are now in shock as they find themselves needing to adapt in order to stay ahead of the competition. With new more efficient technologies emerging, companies are now attempting to streamline their operations and increase efficiency. This is especially true in Europe, where multinational firms are looking for new ways to make sure their operations are as efficient as possible. Companies are investing in new technologies, to generate cheaper cmr, working with start-ups, and forming strategic partnerships to increase their operational efficiency and ensuring they remain competitive in the European market.
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